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8. Mini Ekonomski Forum Bosne Hercegovine se održava 29.11.2018. godine na Pedagoškoj akeademiji Cirih u Cirihu, sa početkom u 14.oo sati u organizaciji Matice Bosne i Hercegovine. Tema foruma je Digitalizacija i tehnološka transformacija zemalja jugo-istočne Europe.

 8th Mini Economic Forum Bosnia Herzegovina
Annual Meeting 2018

29th November 2018, Thursday 14:00 to 17:00
(Zurich University of Teacher Education, Lagerstrasse 2, 8090 Zurich)

Digitalisation and the technological transformation in the countries in south-eastern Europe
Society | Digital Transformation |Business | Ecosystem | Innovation |Education | Research

13.30                     Registration
14.00                     Presentations, short-inputs, à 10 minutes
15.00                     Open forums
16.00                     Apéro & Networking

17.00                     Short city walk

17.30                     Field visit in the City Zurich, KOSMOS (https://kosmos.ch/)
19.00                     Dinner in KOSMOS


Prof. Dr. Hubert Klumpner, Head of ETH Zurich institutes Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design & Architect &
Michael Walczak, PhD candidate, ETH Zurich Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, Laboratory for energy conversion (LEC) and the ISTP Urban Research Incubator
Title: Digitalisation and urban transformation

Dr. Adis Merdžaović, Political scientist & journalist
Title: Democracy in the Digital Age

Semir Mušinović, Dipl. Eng. Adviser for spatial planning and investments, Mayor’s Office, City of Sarajevo
Title: Digitalisation and the future challenges in the City Sarajevo

Anna Schindler, Director of Urban Development Office, City of Zurich
Title: Smart City Strategy

Prof. Dr. Muhamed Hadžiabdić, International University Sarajevo &
Dr. Adnan Mašić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University Sarajevo
Title: Digitalisation and science – practical experiences

Sibylle Hägler, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Economic Cooperation and Development
Title: Urban Infrastructure – Challenges and Potential of Digitalisation in Developing and Transition Countries

Gosti foruma su: Grad Sarajevo, Kanton Sarajevo, Grad Cirih, ETH Zurich Institut za urbano planiranje, Univerzitet Sarajevo, Arhitektonski fakultet Sarajevo, Mašinski fakultet Sarajevo, Internacionalni Univerzitet Sarajevo, ETH Wohnforum, PH Zurich, Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Mjesna zajednica Kovačići (Novo Sarajevo), Switzerland Global Enterprise, ETH Wohnforum, Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe, Swisscontact, Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation, Diplomatski predstavnici BiH i Republike Turske, independent experts and other guests.

Aims of event

  • This is a standard periodical meeting to discuss and review the current economic situation in BiH
  • In the long term, it should enhance economic links between Switzerland (and Europe) with Bosnia, aiming at stimulating its economy and reducing unemployment
  • It should contribute and help Bosnia to emerge from its current economic low position
  • It should analyse the ways of encouraging investments in Bosnia
  • It should build up a network of people who share common commercial interests and aims
  • It should highlight the advantages and problems arising through business connections with Bosnia

8th Mini Economic Forum Bosnia Herzgovina 29.11.2018

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