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The Department for Economic Development and Research of Matica BiH (EDRBiH) was established in 2010 by Mr. Omer Micijevic, the former and 2nd president of Matica BiH, to conduct economic analysis and research promoting the issue: how the citizens of BiH living abroad (Diaspora) could contribute or influence the economical development of Bosnian’s economies? According to his thesis the significant cash flow (approximately 2 billion of euros annually) from abroad to Bosnia has a huge potential to be used.  Apart from this the know-how and experience in different areas accumulated in a Bosnian’a Diasporas over last 2 decade is the slipping dragon to be wake.  How can be used this resources to support the transition of Bosnian’s economies destroyed during and after the war 1992 -1995 is the critical issue.


The mission is to promote and if possible to conduct high-quality relevant research and build capacities to contribute to the development of a competitive economy in Bosnia. EDRBiH is an independent institution and is therefore not affiliated with any specific political party and or interests.

Areas of interest

The Sustainable Economical Development and Knowledge Economy lie at the center of attention. The department gathers and analyzes data, monitors and promotes the relevant publication in the area of interest. EDRBIH disseminates its knowledge and research results through its website and public panels. The output of EDRBiH’s work is aimed to draw attention towards salient issues that impact Bosnian’s economic development, promote healthy discussions on these matters and contribute to informed policy formation in the country.


The mandate of the Department for economical development and research of BiH is to:

  • promote in the scientific publication in the domain of economical development and research related to the Bosnia.
  • support and if possible to undertake multidisciplinary research and analysis on structural changes affecting the economical development of Bosnian’s economy;
  • support a forum (Mini Economic Forum) for professional interaction and the advocacy of activities leading to robust, equitable and sustainable growth of Bosnian’s economy.


Information dissemination is of critical importance to EDRBiH as it is dedicated to supply the wider public with up-to-date economic and structural data, analysis and research reports. Throughout the years, publications have attracted a great number of readers, both in and outside Bosnia and have interested numerous experts and professionals in various areas.