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The panel discussion under the title
Freedom of speech and the role of the media in the post-conflict society in Bosnia and Herzegovina“.
In the age of alternative fact and growing populism (worldwide), there is a clear trend towards normalizing the restriction of freedoms and ignoring the democratic principles of dialogue.
How can this trend be overcome, what are the risks, is there a chance? What is the role of the media in global chaos, where “the vulgarization of Public space” is cumulated by ignoring the minimum standards of public and democratic dialogue and takes the Si or No Plebiszitsform?
Among these and other closely related issues of freedom and the role of the media in the conflict society with particular reference to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we discuss with journalist and chief-editor of the magazine buka, Aleksandar Trifunović.
The panel discussion will take place at 23.11.2017 from 7.00 pm at the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art (Limmat Street 270, 8031 Zurich).
Then follows musical Interlude & Apéro.
The Executive Board of Matica Bosnia and Herzegovina