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For centuries, Sarajevo has served as a crossroads and urban frontier. Like other cities transformed by exponential growth or unanticipated shrinking, post-conflict Sarajevo is confronted with its very own modes of informal practice. These conditions expose emerging practices and lessons from a city breaking down divisions and energized as a site for the production of citizenship.

These dynamics echo similar forces running through Urban-Think Tank’s research and design projects, which inspired a collaboration between ETH Zurich, the City of Sarajevo, and the Historical Museum through the ‘Reactivate Sarajevo’ initiative. One of the highlights of this partnership is the collateral event at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, presenting emerging lessons and practices.

Arsenale Nord, Tesa 100
May 28 – July 1
Promoter: Matica of Bosnia and Herzegovina
www. matica-bih.org